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I’m a photographer and designer from Richmond, TX, and I’ve been working in the photography/design field for nearly 15 years. I’ve had a love and respect for photography since somewhere around my early teens. Twenty-something years later, that love and respect has grown into a full-blown passion, born into a business several years ago.

What do I love most about photography? I love the ability to freeze time; to capture a fleeting moment forever and share it with the world. I love walking through our home and seeing beautiful photographs of our family, friends, and travels adorning our walls.

I have a passion for travel and love to see the world, camera in hand. There’s nothing quite like capturing an amazing landscape when the light is just right or an exotic animal in their natural habitat. In fact, I offer Fine Art Prints from many of my travels.

I love movies, music, Starbucks, and just about anything made by Apple.

Most of all, I love my family, especially my wife, Aimee, our son, Kellen, and our other “kids”, Bailey, Buster, and Piglet.

If you have any questions or comments or wish to discuss a project, feel free to contact me.


Contact or 713.398.7310 (call or text)